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NPL & Pickleball Global Announce 2024 Partnership

4th January 2024

National Pickleball League, the premium Pickleball organisation of Australia, today announced a partnership with Pickleball Global, the leading global Pickleball tournament provider since 2018.

NPL & Pickleball Global Announce 2024 Partnership

NPL & Pickleball Global Announce 2024 Partnership

MEDIA RELEASE - 4th Jan 2024

National Pickleball League, the premium Pickleball organisation of Australia, today announced a partnership with Pickleball Global, the leading global Pickleball tournament provider since 2018.

As part of this partnership, the flagship NPL Professional Tournaments - NPL Championships, will now form part of Pickleball Global’s WPC Asia Pacific Circuit – Road to Carmelina.  Carmelina, located in Vietnam, is the first ever world-class beach resort with dedicated Pickleball courts & stadium. Carmelina will be the host of the WPC FINALS in January 2025.

After hosting three NPL Championships in Australia in 2023 with over $40,000 in prize money, NPL have confirmed there will be at least three NPL Championships/WPC Events in Australia in 2024 – Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney with one more to be announced in February 2024.

The WPC Asia Pacific Circuit is the leading Pickleball tournament circuit in the region, open to players of all ages across the following categories – Ages (19+, 35+, 50+ and 60+) & Events (Men’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Singles, Women’s Doubles & Mixed Doubles).

Only the top 20 players/teams from each of these age groups and divisions will have a chance to play at the Carmelina WPC FINALS in the OPEN division in Carmelina. The winners of the OPEN skill level divisions will receive the title of 2024 Asia Pacific Pickleball Champions.

In addition to Open categories the WPC Asia Pacific Circuit will also be available to other skill levels (Advanced plus and Intermediate Plus). Both NPL & Pickleball Global have a mantra to introduce as many new people as possible to Pickleball and it is critical that tournaments cater for all skill levels.

2024 WPC Asia Pacific Circuit Calendar (including NPL Championships):

  • February 13-19: WPC Asia Pickleball Open Thailand (tier 4)

  • April 3-7: WPC Vietnam (tier 3)

  • April 18-21: WPC Brisbane - NPL Championships (tier 4)

  • May 1-5: WPC India (tier 3)

  • June 6-9: WPC South Korea (tier 3)

  • June 20-23: WPC Melbourne – NPL Championships (tier 4)

  • August 1-4: WPC China (tier 3)

  • August 15-18: WPC Oceania Pickleball Open Australia (tier 4)

  • September 24-30: WPC Asia Pacific Pickleball Open Bali (tier 5)

  • October 11-13: WPC Sydney – NPL Championships (tier 4)

  • Nov 28 – Dec 1: WPC Chinese Taipei (tier 3)

  • December 6-8: WPC Hong Kong, China (tier 3)
    January (2025): Carmelina WPC FINALS (tier 5)

NPL and Pickleball Global are extremely excited to provide the most extensive circuit of Pickleball tournaments in the region, hosting the best players, the most exciting competition and providing pathways for new & amateur players to compete at the highest level.

About National Pickleball League (NPL)

NPL is the premium pickleball organisation of Australia. The NPL brand offers Australia’s professional national league, tournaments, corporate days, school/university programs, social leagues, events & introductory Pickleball days. NPL aims to build the total number of Pickleball players in Australia via professional league pathways, marketing, content & venue investment. NPL aims to expand its product internationally in 2024.

Instagram: @nplpickleball
Facebook: @nplpickleball
Twitter: @nplpickleball

About Pickleball Global (PG)

Pickleball Global is a multi-source company that provides pickleball players with a one-stop-shop solution (tournaments & leagues software, GPR rankings and DUPR ratings), all based on an online social platform.

Global Pickleball Ranking (GPR) is the only world-wide ranking platform that can be followed not only on Global, but also on Continental, Country, State or Provincial levels.

Pickleball Global software has successfully run many tournaments across the world including Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia and is currently being used in more than 35 countries of the world.

Pickleball Global is the driving force behind the WPC SERIES (World Pickleball Series), the international competition leading to the WPC Finals.

Instagram: @pickleballglobal

For further information please contact:

Ron Shell


Jan Papi

Founder – Pickleball Global

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