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NPL Australia Team Wins 2024 Niupipo Pickleball Invitational Tournament in Guangzhou, China

18th March 2024

NPL Australia Team Wins 2024 Niupipi Pickleball Invitational Tournament in Guangzhou, China

NPL Australia Team Wins 2024 Niupipo Pickleball Invitational Tournament in Guangzhou, China

News from this platform: The 2024 "NIUPIPO Cup" International Pickleball (Guangdong Yingde) Invitational Tournament was held from March 16th to 17th at the Ouya Culture and Sports Center of Wanyang Zhongchuang City, Qingyuan, Guangdong. There were 27 pickleball teams at home and abroad. Nearly 300 athletes from the team participated in the mixed team competition, showing the public the charm of pickleball, an emerging national sport.

This competition is guided by the Guangdong Provincial Social Sports and Training Competition Center and the Guangde (Yingde) Industrial Park Management Committee of the Guangqing Special Economic Cooperation Zone. Qingyuan Ouya Entertainment Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Wanyang Zhongchuang City Smart Park Operation Co., Ltd. It is co-organized by the German Branch, co-organized by the Yingde Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau and the Guangzhou Pickleball Association, and exclusively sponsored by Guangdong Ofelia Sports Goods Co., Ltd. Cai Jianxiang, deputy director of the China Pickleball Working Committee of the Small Ball Management Sports Center of the State Sports General Administration and director of the Guangdong Provincial Social Sports, Training and Competition Center, and other leaders and guests attended the opening ceremony of the event.

Pickleball integrates tennis, badminton and table tennis. It is easy to learn, fun, moderate in intensity and not prone to injury. Therefore, it is suitable for all ages. It is the fastest growing national fitness sport in the world in recent years. In this competition, the contestants showed excellent competitive level, and presented an unforgettable visual feast to the public with their superb skills and tenacious fighting spirit. Many viewers were deeply attracted by this fresh and fun project. At the same time, Gao The standard competition venue and organization, as well as professional and high-level officiating, have been highly recognized by the participating teams.

This competition not only invited municipal pickleball associations and clubs from multiple Greater Bay Area cities to participate, but also teams from Beijing, Chongqing, Zhejiang, Inner Mongolia and other provinces and cities, as well as many university teams, including Shanghai Sports The university team ranked fourth in the first national pickleball open competition. The Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau sent the Zhejiang University United Team. In addition, it attracted 8 foreign pickleball club teams from the Americas, Oceania and Asia. It was an international event. the match of.

The competition is held as a mixed team competition, and the age and qualifications of the contestants have been strictly reviewed in accordance with the competition regulations, which improves the fairness of the competition. At the same time, this competition is rarely held in an industrial park, which is also the headquarters of the event sponsors. They provide a solid guarantee for the smooth holding of the event. The Ouya Cultural and Sports Center was originally an idle factory. Under the guidance of the Guangzhou Pickleball Association, it has been transformed into an arena with 16 international standard pickleball courts and 380 viewing seats. It has complete facilities and can accommodate 300 people. The electronic teaching and training room is currently the largest indoor pickleball competition venue in Guangdong and even the country. In the future, it will not only be able to host events, but will also be open to the public and become a national fitness venue and a base for youth sports training.

After two days of exciting competition, the Australian Pickleball Team won the championship. The NIUPIPO Pickleball Club Team, China Macau Pickleball Association Team, and Chongqing Pickleball Team ranked 2-4 respectively. The North American Dream Team, Shanghai The Sports University Representative Team and the Yangcheng Team won the Friendship Permanent Award, Organizational Contribution Award, and Best Fighting Award respectively.

Wang Qingmin, president of the Guangzhou Pickleball Association and leader of the China Pickleball Competition Committee, told reporters that pickleball has made great progress in China, and more and more people are joining it. After being the first to host the first national competition and the Guangdong Provincial Pickleball Championship for primary and secondary school students, Guangdong Pickleball has once again achieved breakthrough development, which is the realization of a new model of jointly hosting competitions with the industry. The venue of this event is the largest production base of pickleball sporting goods in the country. This will also push Guangdong pickleball to a new level of development. It will play the role of sports + industry and drive the public service system, sports, education in the industrial park. high-quality development in other aspects. The professional team of the Guangzhou Pickleball Association is not only responsible for organizing games, but also actively training local pickleball talents such as coaches and referees. The purpose is to promote the development of pickleball in England and Germany. The association looks forward to promoting projects through radiation to more regions. For its own development, we look forward to working with more partners to jointly prosper the Chinese pickleball movement.

Xiao Zhenxiang, director of the Yingde City Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau, said that it is also the first time for Yingde to hold a competition in an industrial park. From the perspective of supporting non-governmental organizations and social forces in organizing competitions, this is a very useful attempt. At the same time, as an emerging national sport, pickleball promotes sports popularization through the industry and promotes national fitness. This is the best of both social and economic benefits. We also hope that the competition can become a breakthrough point and play the role of sports + in the future, with tourism and to help rural revitalization. Combined with the "Hundreds and Thousands of Projects" etc. Tao Yinglun, head of operations at Yingde Wanyang, believes that sports are also cultural exchanges. From the perspective of the company itself, the introduction of events is expected to take advantage of the park's resource advantages, cultivate a good mass base, promote the in-depth integrated development of sports and the beauty industry, and provide The economic and social development of the industrial park injects new vitality and creates better development space.

Lan Xinglong, deputy director of the Social Affairs Bureau of the Guangde (Yingde) Industrial Park of the Guangqing Special Economic Cooperation Zone, believes that sports are the healthiest form of leisure and the one with the most development potential. He said that the novel sport of pickleball can not only bring health to the whole people, but also has strong psychological and social attributes. The introduction of the event can bring more people to the industrial park, enhance the reputation and brand influence here, and give him a With the dream of creating a "Pickleball City", we look forward to using pickleball as a starting point to introduce this sport into enterprises and schools, create a pickleball sports demonstration area through a series of activities, and promote the comprehensive development of the park, including national fitness, the integration of physical education, etc. , and then promote the development of pickleball in the entire Yingde City, build pickleball into a brand-new city business card like "Yingjiu Black Tea", and then feed back the development of other industries in Yingde.

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