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The Inaugural NPL Championships Gold Coast highlights the best Pickleball players from AUS & NZ

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

A fantastic Pickleball event recently unfolded in the heart of Australia's pickleball community—the National Pickleball Leagues (NPL) Championship in Gold Coast. The championship brought together pickleball enthusiasts from across the nation for a thrilling competition that not only showcased top-tier gameplay but also ignited a new wave of enthusiasm for the sport. Let us take you through the highlights of this remarkable event, exploring the electrifying atmosphere, the impact it left on participants, and the standout results that defined the competition. A Vibrant Atmosphere: The NPL Championship set itself apart by infusing the Gold Coast venue with an invigorating 'American' pickleball tournament atmosphere. Attendees witnessed a blend of skill and sportsmanship that had rarely been seen before. This dynamic spirit was captured perfectly by participants and spectators alike, making it an event to remember. Flawless Execution: A hallmark of the NPL Championship was its impeccable organisation. Participants expressed their appreciation for the well-coordinated tournament structure and effective communication. The efforts of the NPL team were praised by players who highlighted the seamless experience from registration to post-event follow-ups. Even those not directly involved in the competition were amazed by the impressive event aesthetics, underscoring the event's impact on both players and the pickleball community at large. Celebrating Success: The event's pinnacle moments were the results themselves, as athletes battled fiercely to secure their positions on the podium. Here are some of the standout results:

  • Male Singles Champion: Mitchell Hargreaves

  • Female Singles Champion: Ludovica Sciaky

  • Mixed Masters Champions: Naomi Amakawa & Martin Clark

  • Teams Event Winners: Mitchell Hargreaves, George Wall, Ludovica Sciaky & Somer Dalla-Bona

These champions exhibited the skill and dedication that have come to define pickleball, captivating the audience with their remarkable skill & precision. Championing Unity and Enthusiasm: Beyond the results and competition, the NPL Championship epitomised the unity and camaraderie within the pickleball community. Players' testimonials revealed a common theme of gratitude and excitement. As Vicki Tamandl, Venue Director, attested, the event continues to inspire newcomers to the sport, contributing to the sport's rapid growth and popularity. Conclusion: The National Pickleball Leagues Championship in Gold Coast was an unequivocal success that resonated beyond the court. With its vibrant atmosphere and undeniable impact on players and spectators, the event has left a.mark on the Australian pickleball scene. As the pickleball community eagerly anticipates more NPL events in the future, this championship stands as the first showcase of the potential of pickleball to captivate hearts and bring people together. What’s next ? NPL Championships Sydney is scheduled for October 6-8th and registrations are now open. For information about Pickleball is sweeping the globe:


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