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The National Pickleball League was born out of the desire of a couple of mates wanting to spread the great gospel of Pickleball all around Australia. The aim is to elevate the sport of Pickleball. The NPL runs Australia’s professional national league, tournaments, corporate days, school/university programs, social leagues, events & introductory Pickleball days.

We believe in having fun, first and foremost. And we think the best way to have fun is to come together and play a social sport that perpetuates unity, inclusion and excitement. 

Pickleball is for everyone. And at NPL Pickleball, we are looking to build a huge community of 'Picklers' to enjoy events, tournaments and our professional league, all while having a laugh, ideally in the sun! 


While HQ is in Melbourne, Victoria; NPL Pickleball Australia operates out of venues across the country, including in NSW and QLD. 


NPL is the premium pickleball organisation in Australia.

Yours Truly,

The National Picklebal
l League (of Australia)


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.


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