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The Code of Conduct is in place to ensure that all participants are able to be involved in an enjoyable and safe environment. As a condition of participation, all teams must agree to the following standards.

  • Players must demonstrate respect for referees, other players, spectators, and staff. 

  • The team contact is responsible for the actions of their team.

  • The team contact is responsible for communicating all matters regarding participation.

Any breach of the above standards will result in an official warning or immediate dismissal from the competition. Anti-social behaviour, both on and off court, will not be tolerated. 


Please note that banned players are not permitted to play for any team or enter the stadium during competition.


Two or more players from any one team involved in a breach of the Code of Conduct will result in the team and all individual players facing removal from the competition.


National Pickleball League has the right to take any action deemed necessary in the best interests of all participants.

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