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Cutting-edge AI sports technology meets the fastest-growing sport in Australia.

10th October 2023

The National Pickleball League, Australia’s premium Pickleball organisation, is thrilled to announce it’s partnership with PlaySight – the leading automated AI sports video & analytical technology company for the next three years.

Cutting-edge AI sports technology meets the fastest-growing sport in Australia.

The exclusive partnership aims to elevate the playing experience for NPL’s members, providing them with innovative, AI-driven technology to record, live-stream, analyse and share their individual & team Pickleball replays & highlights online.

The National Pickleball League will be launching it’s first-of-it’s kind Pickleball supersite in Melbourne later in the year, with more venues to follow in 2024, all equipped with with advanced, automated PlaySight technology.

The partnership will involve NPL integrating Playsight’s market-leading SmartCourts products, including its new portable broadcast system the GoMobile, into it’s state-of-the-art NPL Pickleball supersites all across Australia. PlaySight’s technology, renowned across various sports, enables athletes to gain real-time insights into their performance. With features like automated production, instant video replay, automated highlights through AI, and interactive coaching tools, players at all levels can refine their skills and celebrate their achievements like never before.

NPL CEO, Ron Shell, shared his excitement about this innovative partnership – “The NPL prides itself on being a premium Pickleball organization – delivering the best possible Pickleball product across it’s tournaments, events & venues to elevate the sport to mainstream status in Australia. A partnership with a market-leading sports technology company like Playsight demonstrates our commitment to delivering an unparalleled pickleball experience to Australia through premium technology & partnerships.”

PlaySight’s CEO, Chen Shachar,

"PlaySight Technologies is thrilled to partner with the National Pickleball League Australia (NPL) as we continue pioneering sports innovation. Our SmartCourt technology has already significantly impacted various sports, and we are excited to bring its transforma)ve power to pickleball. By providing athletes, coaches, and venues with state-of-the-art video and analytics solutions, we aim to elevate the pickleball experience, helping players unlock their true potential. Together with NPL, we look forward to taking this exhilarating sport to new heights and making it accessible to even more enthusiasts." - Chen Shachar, CEO of PlaySight Technologies.

The NPL will look to showcase the new technology in its upcoming professional tournament – the NPL Championships – Sydney, held on 6th-8th October in partnership with Voyager Tennis in Sydney.

About National Pickleball League (NPL)

NPL is the premium pickleball organisation of Australia. The NPL brand offers Australia’s professional national league, tournaments, corporate days, school/university programs, social leagues, events & introductory Pickleball days. NPL aims to build the total number of Pickleball players in Australia via professional league pathways, marketing, content & venue investment. NPL aims to expand its product internationally in 2024.

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About PlaySight Interactive

PlaySight has emerged as a leader in the sports technology marketplace, bringing the most advanced and elite capabilities to all levels of sport all over the world: automated production and live streaming, video replay (VAR), pro-level coaching tools, and live and on-demand sports OTT channel – the PlaySight Sports Network (PSSN). PlaySight SmartCourt AI technology powers athletes, coaches, teams, and leagues worldwide with its connected camera pladorm. Its technology is currently used by several major Pickleball organizations worldwide, the NBA, MLB, NHL, and USTA, and in a variety of sports, including tennis, pickleball, Padel, basketball, baseball, hockey, and others. More informa)on is available at


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Ron Shell



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